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OneHope Weddings, Serving Guests For a Cause

Happy Wednesday! Today’s product and service reviewed we are featuring an eco-friendly service/product that helps to supply amazing wines to your guests, OneHope Weddings. This is an organization that represents the best of humanity. This service helps to fight against a wide range of problems that are found in many people’s daily lives. From hunger to disease, and support for your fellow soldier, or animal friend, they provide hope.

When you think of being eco-friendly I’m sure many think about recycling, maybe you think about using products that are locally farmed or produced. Perhaps your vision of eco-friendly is only dealing with natural ingredients. But, another aspect that we think falls in line with eco-friendly is treating humanity with care and respect. I have seen this company at numerous bridal shows. I know what you might be thinking, what do they contribute to a wedding? Well how about wine! Yes, a drink that is served at manyweddings and events. From Chardonnay to Merlot and many wines in-between each bottle is designated to a charity. Giving 50% back to the cause this is a wonderful way to serve your guests with the wines they love, while contributing to a worthy causes. For example, OneHope Brut Sparkling is a designated to helping Childhood Hunger. If you are already planning on serving alcohol at your wedding or event why not serve one of theirs? We have ordered some bottles ourselves and they are lovely wines. With so many details that are involved with your wedding or event why not make this decision on what to serve count? Adding something unique to your wedding or event such as this service/product will have guests talking about not only the great wine, but also the great cause.

With just everyday orders, they do that too. Now with OneHope Wine, OneHope Coffee & Tea, and OneHope at Home you can make an impact at any time. So please, visit the site see if it something that may work for you. Knowing that your purchase counts for so much more than just the average dollar is a wonderful feeling. Please share this wonderful company and together we can help make life better for others.

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