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3 Things NOT To Do While Planning Your Wedding




This week we get a few wedding tips for planning your wedding from a slightly different perspective. One of the unique things about All Things Imagined Events is the male perspective that we bring to your event. With that, here are the top three things that I had to learn the hard way after planning my own wedding.

1. Don’t use your Personal Email
While you plan your wedding, you will likely enter your email address into tons of websites while shopping for everything. Free admission into a bridal show and all you have to do is enter your email and a few personal details? Well, if you use your personal email you could be getting unsolicited spam for over a year. Every wedding professional at or affiliated with that bridal show will have your email address, and be free to use it.

Set up a shared email address that you can use for only your wedding planning. A free google or yahoo account is easy to set up, and using something like is easy to remember. This way, after the wedding you can discard the email address and move on with your life, happily married.

2. Familiar Password
Being spammed in your personal email is bad enough, but what about losing control of your identity? While planning our wedding my then fiancée was using the same passwords repeatedly so that she could remember them. My worst nightmare was losing everything only weeks before our wedding. Especially now with the revelation of the Heartbleed Virus it is more important than ever to change passwords.

While planning your wedding you will increase you internet traffic considerably. With that, you need to alternate your passwords. That is very difficult for most people to do on a regular basis, and this is where technology can assist. There are dozens of password managers available that can create, manage, and change passwords on a regular basis. All that is required of you is to create one solid and secure password and remember it.

3. Personal Account
This is possibly the biggest mistake that we experienced while planning, and we see couples repeating this mistake time and again. Having a budget is a necessity when planning, but we have all strayed slightly from time to time, regardless of our will power. If your wedding money, your rent money, and your grocery money all come out of the same account you are liable to cut something short. The last thing that you can afford is not to be able to pay a vendor on the day of your wedding.

Wherever you bank, a separate account is only minutes away. If you have paychecks direct deposited already, it is simple enough to have a small portion deposited into your new account. This makes your wedding budget automatic and almost fool proof. Also, if something happens with your wedding account, the rest of your life doesn’t stop.
These are a few things that you can do to lighten the stress that comes with planning your own wedding. And if this isn’t enough, All Things Imagined Events is always available to help with the rest.

Happy Planning!