Eco-Friendly Lighting and What You Should Know


Often we get couples who are curious about the idea of a “green” wedding. The idea that a green wedding is either pricy, for extreme Eco-conscious couples, or even the color green being dominantly used is many times the thought of a green wedding. This, my friends, is not the definition of a green wedding. While green weddings can sometimes have some higher price items or have green within the color palette, green weddings are for everyone. You do not have to fit into a stereotype to have or incorporate green services or practices.

Green weddings are geared with the idea of limiting your weddings carbon footprint. In other words, you are looking to help reduce unnecessary waste, keeping products or services within your community, and using products and services that have a more friendly touch towards the environment. We often post in fives. So, this month we will talk about these topics in more detail: lighting, favors, stationary, jewelry, and bouquets. Today we will focus on lighting…

Lighting is a necessity at any wedding. From table decor, dance floor lighting, up lighting, and even venue lighting. Lighting will show up at some point in your wedding. Today it is common knowledge that LED lighting is the most efficient form of lighting. But, what makes LED lighting Eco friendly? LED lighting is; lower in its energy consumption, has a longer life, is strongly built, smaller in size, and has a faster switching system. The LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are also less than a traditional bulb. LED lighting stays cooler reducing the amount of heat that comes from the light; this is a plus for your guests. The odds of a child touching a hot light are now gone, and the space will stay cooler. Now, let us talk about the three different LED light outputs, the watts (standard unit of power). We have three outputs starting from least output and working our way up to the most output; 0.1-watts, 1.0-watts, and 25-watts. When incorporating up lights at a venue the LED lights that are 0.1-watt lights may get lost with other lights in the space. The 1.0-watts or the 25-watts will show up best even if other lighting is in the room. Typically, 10-20 up lights are used in a reception space. Lights will range in price from $18-$35 per light. By using the LED lights you have a wide range of colors to choose from (fitting within your color palette), can control the level of light you want, and can have a variety of different color options throughout your event. LED lighting will transform the space while keeping it “green”.

If you are interested in green options for your weddings we would love to connect with you, or you can email us at We are looking forward to next week when we discuss “green” wedding favors.

Have a great week!