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Ideas For Green Wedding Favors

So, it has been a little time since our last post, wedding season is upon us! However, today we are going to talk briefly about eco friendly wedding favors. A few simple ideas that are not only appealing to guests but safe for the environment.

A majority of couples find that the wedding favors are usually the last purchase; they are also sometimes the hardest to decide on. You are essentially purchasing gifts for sometimes up to 200 people! So yes, this can become quite the mission. In all honestly many guests leave behind their gifts so we always recommend that if you decided to purchase favors you do add some thought and work towards giving an eco friendly or reusable gift. There are many options for favors but some of the traditional favors mentioned below can have an added twist making them eco friendly.

There are dozens of options for eco friendly favors, things that give back to the environment and have a positive impact. The best part is that these favors don’t have to cost you any more than traditional favors. Sometimes your guests wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between, say a natural bee’s wax candle and a standard wax candle. Coffee or tea options can be purchased, and can be organic options vs. traditional. The difference in price is negligible, and for a sustainable product that is natural it is well worth it.

Another popular eco practice is the use of potted plants as decor and/or favors. This is a way to save money and be environmentally conscious. Small succulents grouped together can make an elegantly simple centerpiece, and your guests can take theirs home and plant them. This saves on cut flowers that end up as green waste, and plays double duty as favors for your guests; all of which saves you green.

If you don’t think that this option goes with the rest of your theme there are plenty of ideas that can work and are eco-friendly. Seed packets with custom labels asking your guests to “Let love grow” are a favorite, as are all natural candles. Other great options include personalize bamboo fans for outdoor weddings, or eco friendly boxes woven from renewable fibers that can hold your favorite treats. Another popular favor are totes. How about reusable coffee mugs, as we have posted before for only a $1 you can get a fantastic reusable coffee mugs from Starbucks. Have I mentioned we have six! Organic bar soaps or fragrances are other great favor ideas. As you can see many favors can be purchased that are made from eco friendly material and reusable materials.

Whatever you decide there are eco friendly options for you to choose from and those options can be used long after your wedding. The goal is to give items that have a long term purpose, not just a short use cycle. You want to give your guests something they will value to remind them of the love you shared with them on your wedding day.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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