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You’re Engaged! 10 Things to Know…



What a joyous engagement season it has been. Many wonderful couples have enter into this big milestone, making a commitment to share forever. From November to date, our social media pages have been blowing up with engagement photos of couples who said YES! From the stories, emails, and RINGS! It has been so much fun seeing all the excitement, 2015 is sure to be a great year for weddings. So, now you’re engaged, what should you expect? Here are the top 10 things you should be prepared for:

1- Showing your ring over and over again. It is the first thing your family, friends, and even strangers are going to want to see. It’s all about the bling! This is what symbolizes engagement, the ring on the finger means its real. So, get ready to show off that ring!

2- Getting used to having a ring on your finger, all the time! You will find yourself playing with this ring throughout the day and staring at it for periods of time. It’s new, fun, and yours.

3- Telling your story over and over again. People love to hear the details about one of the most romantic moments in a person’s life. This story represents the love and commitment that goes along with the ring. Your story will be the discussion among your family and friends. Smile and enjoy sharing your romantic story, no matter how many times you have told it.

4- When is the date for the wedding?!? Yes, this will most likely be the follow up question. Everyone what’s to know your plans; destination wedding, big or small, an outside or inside wedding, where will the bachelorette or bachelor party be, and who will be in your bridal party? Yep, questions will be flying at you two left and right. Come up with a few simple responses, this will make the question portion go by faster.

5- Dress searching! No doubt for brides this will become one of the top thoughts. When you get engaged your mind will automatically lead you to Pinterest and many other wedding sites. Dresses start to pop up on your computer, tablets, and phones. It’s just natural, like breathing. The bride side of you just starts to take control. Before you know it there will be a Pinterest board with your top 100 wedding gown likes.

6- Your friends and family all become wedding planners. Yes, it happens often. Your friend just finished up with her wedding or a family member decides you need assistance with the planning. This starts before you even set a date! Advice is coming at you in all directions. Some is welcomed and other advice you just smile graciously and nod out of politeness. Everyone seems to know best.

7- You may encounter some that are not as excited for you as you thought they would be. Don’t let this get you down sometimes people just get lost in their own woes, they will come around. If they don’t it’s okay, it’s still a fabulous time for you and your fiancé just keep that in mind.

8- Bridal magazines and books start to pile up around the house. Is this a bridal bookstore?

9- Shows and movies about weddings start to interest you more. Shows like; Say yes to the dress, My Fair Weddings, and Four Weddings. TLC and Wetv will become your new favorite channels. Wedding movies you once watched now have become some of your new favorites like; Maid of Honor, The Proposal, or maybe The Wedding Date.

10- There is somethings different about your relationship. You are making a vow committing to forever, to share a life, to have a family, to grow old with one another. Your vowing to be each other’s one and only. It is a pretty incredible promise; beautiful, romantic, and sweet.

Remember relaxed and breathe. The engagement period only happens this one time. It’s usually shorter than the wedding planning so, enjoy your engagement no matter how long or short that it may be. We congratulate all the beautiful couples of 2014, we wish you all the best.

We wish you all a healthy, safe, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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