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Wedding Planning 101

Hello and welcome to our wedding planning blog. My name is Ashley, with six years of professional wedding planning under my belt I thought it was time to sit down and really dive into what planning a wedding entails. Together with my husband and partner Adam, we have built a company geared towards making sure that all our brides and grooms are guests on their wedding day. From planning the big day to executing all the details on the day of, the world of wedding planning has been a ride filled with ups and down, twist and surprises, but above all a very memorable and fulfilling experience!

Now, as those who follow us may have noticed, our blog has not been as regular as some may have liked. “Why?” you may ask. Blogging can be time-consuming, it can be a tedious task, and being behind a keyboard has not always been our favorite thing. We would much rather be out planning, organizing, networking, and working with our clients. However; after a much long heart to heart and a few other valued conversations with friends, we have concluded that it is a part of our job to blog.

After many consultations with clients and lots of conversations, we have finally seen the light! It’s time to share what it is really like to plan for the big day. Common questions we get asked include but are not limited:

•Why do vendors cost so much?
•What am I really paying for at a venue?
•What are wedding politics?
•Do we really have to do all the traditional wedding stuff?
•What logistics will I really be faced with on the big day?
•What are the pros and cons of friends versus professionals doing work for our wedding day?

Our answers may surprise you. Certain answers may change your point of view and offer a better alternative. This is what we hope you will gain from our blog.

We also want to hear from you! Send us your questions and engage with us on our blog and social media. Planning a wedding is not rocket science, but it does involve organization, time, and strategy. Creating a solid vendor team is key and bringing your vision to life happens when you have the right tools and people by your side.
As you are reading all the blogs, going through the magazines, attending bridal shows, and talking with friends who were recently married you will learn a lot. However, there is always something that will come up no matter how many precautions you take or how much time you spend planning. Issues always pop up and being quick-thinking, flexible, and an adaptive problem solver is something we’ve learned throughout our years of planning. As wedding planners, we keep the big picture in mind, not getting hung up or too attached to any one small detail. Our insight may help when you find yourself in that moment of your planning.

Our goal is to help bring a different point of view to your planning, offering a realistic vision for your wedding day. We love ceremony magazine and green wedding shoes as much as the next bride, but if you only knew the reality to what it takes to make those weddings happen. The “behind the scenes” if you will. Whether you have an intimate wedding of 15 guests or a grand black-tie affair of 300 guests you need to understand what it is your wedding needs from you. Like any event, you will have to map out a budget, your vendor needs, the unique events, the right time/location/season, style, and atmosphere. I know it sounds like work and it is, a lot of thought, heart, and sometimes tears go into making this day happen. Everyone looks forward to the big day, but at times the reality of planning can be masked with an idea of everything is fun. Planning can be fun, but make no mistake it is work! Through our blog, we hope to give you some helpful advice along with a reality check so that your planning can be enjoyable and your wedding day magical.

I have said many times that all you need is your beautiful and dashing wedding attire and the one you love by your side, and I hold to this. But, if you decided you want to have a wedding day with the addition of family, friends, good food & DRINKS, let’s make sure you have all the tools you need to bring that day to life. We are so excited to connect with you all and we hope that we can add something valuable to your planning.

Next week’s topic, the budget. Oh, I know, talking money is not fun some may say it’s a no-no. However, can you honestly plan anything without a budget? I promise it will be quick and painless. You will gain some helpful tips and it will set you up for success with your planning. We can’t wait till next week and in the meantime, if you have a burning question or topic you would like us to address, send us an email at we would love to hear from you.

Have a fabulous week!