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Forever My Amore

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Forever My Amore - Lauren and Daniel, the funniest most entertaining couple you will meet. From day one, these two had us in stitches!

Adventurous, outgoing, energetic, and loving, they have personalities that brighten up your day. Our Italian bride and Italian groom celebrated their special day Italian style! With 250 of their closest family and friends, the celebration was filled with the finest Italian food, music, wine, dancing, and traditions.

The candy almonds at each table represented health, happiness, prosperity, fertility, and longevity. The beautiful photos showed tradition through many generations. The beautiful centerpieces inspired by Italian design, combining Lauren’s love for sunflowers and colorful flowers. The look was stunning.

The personalized wedding favors were lovingly entitled, “A Wedding Toast with Italian Roast”, and for the first dance, the couple swayed across the floor to “That’s Amore”. The loving Italian toasts, sweet wedding vows, the beautiful Italian signs, and kind wishes made their wedding the perfect Italian celebration.

Venue- Lakehouse and Hotel Resort 
Photography- David & Tania Photography
Florist- Kendra’s Floral Design

"My WIFE and I loved the care and attention provided by Ashley and Adam from All Things Imagined. From a male perspective I was really impressed by the way they were able get all of my wife's wants and dreams for the day (and weekend) accomplished while ensuring that my personal wishes and request were met as well. During the wedding event they made sure that everything ran smoothly and that we had the best experience possible. Whenever I thought: I need a beer, some food, or even a glass of water Adam or Ashley would magically appear with that much needed item without even having to be asked. Every time! Furthermore, it was truly incredible the attention to detail they took because it wasn't just A beer, it was my favorite beer that I had mentioned months before. It wasn't just some food, it was the bacon wrapped shrimp that I had mentioned "Mmm those look good." in passing when we were studying the menu also months prior to the wedding... and as far as the water it was as if they were studying the sweat on my forehead after a good dance off and determining the exact moment I would get thirsty! They also seemed to work magic with managing the event from getting the special photos we wanted, putting us on the dance floor for our favorite songs, to making sure WE ACTUALLY ATE dinner!!! If you want a day to remember the rest of your life (and the day your wife has dreamed of her whole life) then I highly recommend using Ashley and Adam from All Things Imagined. They will take great care of you from the day you ask her to marry you (my wife actually called them the next day!) to the final send off! "

- Daniel