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Green Wedding Planning

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How Eco-friendly does a green wedding have to be?
Is it granola and gluten-free non-dairy cake substitute ?
Is it all rustic country with burlap and planting trees for gifts?

No. Green weddings can be as eco as you want. They can have touches of eco concepts or your wedding can be completely eco with every last detail. Green options can be prominent or behind the scenes.

You can let your guests know, or not. There are no rules when it comes to your big day, and no guidelines for how you decide to affect a positive eco-change.

Often when we hear of “Eco” events, they are full blown green galas, where everything is recycled and recyclable, everything is composted and biodegradable, and everyone wears all natural organic fibers spun by top label designers.

People tend to imagine either very “Hippie” or very “Eco-Expensive”. Neither of these has to be the case. We can offer options to reduce waste, reuse items, and recycle leftovers. All of this can be fit into your perfect event without changing the end result: a magnificent event with you at the center.

There are some options that you are probably already considering, and we can offer many more. Were you thinking of buying the table linens for your reception? Probably not. Renting items like linens can offer 10-50 uses out of a single set of linens and save electricity and fuel that would otherwise be wasted in making more linens.

We assist you in going a step further, by offering companies that use eco-friendly cleaning of their linens, making sure that harmful chemicals are not released into the environment with every wash. We find you florists that practice sustainable growth practices, ensuring that hundreds of miles of rain forest were not cleared so that you could get your bouquet or boutonniere. Locally grown produce and recycled decor options allow for eco options that happen before the guests have even arrived.


The average American using 700 lbs of paper each year! Filling those paper demands costs 12,000 square miles of forest. By using digital invites, wedding websites, and other creative methods, you can cut down on paper waste. If you do want paper invites, consider using recycled paper.

You can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 4,000-kilowatt hours of electricity, 7,000 gallons of water, and 60 lbs of air pollution. Some alternative invites for your events include: digital invites, personal phone invites, magnets, and edibles, just to name a few!


Just because you’re working towards an Eco-friendly wedding does not mean you sacrifice on style and beauty for your wedding attire. Many brides only wear their dress once, it then gets cleaned boxed and stored in the attic. In the U.S. wedding gowns range from $400-$1211 on average, accessories about $225. Men’s suits start at $140 and accessories $102. How can you save money and at the same time be green? Borrowing a family member or friend’s wedding gown. Using pieces of your mother’s gown to make your veil or garter are special options. Second-hand gowns can be purchased at a reasonable cost at consignment shops, online stores, and bridal shops. And we are talking designer gowns. Buying dresses for a cause such as breast cancer, these trunk shows bring high-end sample gowns at a lower cost. Purchasing your dream gown while contributing to a worthy cause. If you do plan to buy new use materials like hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, or eco-friendly raw silk. Your gown will be unique in the materials alone.


Did you know that about 60% of the U.S. flowers are imported. On top of importing flower's there is always the chemical aspect involved; pesticides, fungicides, and petroleum-based fertilizers. So, what are ways you can limit travel and chemicals in your flowers? How about purchasing flowers in season. By doing this it cuts down on importing and is friendly on your budget. Purchasing online or having a florist purchase online from certified organic flower companies is also another route you can go. Alternative options to flowers for ceremony can include; feathers, fans, parasols, lanterns, etc. What about the reception? 65% of your floral budget is usually spent here. Ways to limit cost and keep choices green can include; succulents, bamboo, branches, herbs, flowering plants, etc. If you feel like choosing decor items other than flowers; mason jars, books, silver or china vases, and candles are options. Want to think outside the box? How about candy, fruit, or desserts. There are unlimited amounts of options and all can fit within the image you have for your wedding.

We can also ensure that your event has onsite recycling, and even the ability to donate leftovers to a local food bank. This means that you have done a lot of good for your community, and there was practically nothing more that you had to do.

If you want to have all organic fabrics, and want your wedding paperless, we can help with that too.
In this digital age, reducing paper waste is a commendable step. Filling the paper demands of the average American wedding cost 12,000 square miles of forest and result in an average of 700 lbs of paper each year!

Whatever your vision for your wedding, we want to be there to help you realize it, and along the way we want to offer you some options to help the planet a little more. For more information on why to plan green we recommend The Green Bride Guide.

Let All Things Imagined Events show you the many options to help you create your green wedding, or to incorporate green touches. We look forward to working with you soon!